The club was formed in Inveraray on 28th April 2006 to celebrate the life and works of Robert Burns, Scotland's Poet and most famous Son and to honour, arguably, the greatest Scotsman that ever lived, who is honoured in countries in every continent of the world. Affiliated to the Robert Burns World Federation, Roll Number 2057 Our Patrons are their Graces the Duke & Duchess of Argyll
"The social, friendly, honest Man whate’er he be, ’tis he fulfils great nature’s plan and none but he"
Robert   Burns   was   born   on   25th   January 1759   and   died   at   the   age   of   just   37   on 21st    July    1796.    Poet,    farmer,    excise- man,    nationalist,    radical,    humanitarian, song-writer   and   lover   are   just   some   of the   names   which   can   describe   him.   Born in     Ayrshire,     he     toured     Scotland     as Caledonia's   Bard,   but   Inveraray   was   the furthest   north   he   was   to   venture   on   the west coast
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